I view therapy as providing a safe, comfortable environment where a client is invited to share their journey through healing. As the therapist, I walk alongside you in trust to provide insight and guidance. I believe the client is truly the expert on his/her own needs and desires. It is my role as the therapist to bring these needs and desires to light. From there, I work with the client to evaluate the best ways to bring about change in their lives and how to practically implement those changes. This healing process empowers clients as they discover strengths and a deeper sense of peace.

I primarily specialize in working with eating disorders, body image issues and weight concerns. I work in tandem with your doctor and a nutritionist to provide the safest, most effective care for you or your loved one struggling through an eating disorder.

I work with adolescents and adults, men and women. I work with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, identity issues and mood disorders. I also have training in marriage and family therapy and some work with trauma.

To learn more about my services, please select the appropriate page link. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

In peace,

Bethany Womack